India is a great country. Different religions people are there. But, there is good unity. All are one, one India.

India is my country. I like my country.

Yes, India is our mother land. We love her.

We are proud of our mother land. We respect our national leaders.

We celebrate their birthdays. We praise them for their services.

We love our country that is why we take a pledge to work for the good of our mother land.

We love country that is why we take a pledge to work for the good of our mother land.

Independence Day

The Indian people fight against the British ruler. So many leaders lost their lives in freedom fighting.

The 15th August, 1947 is a red letter day in the history of our country. It is called `Independence day’, because on that day the British rule came to an end in India.

`Independence day’ is celebrated every on the 15th of august. It is celebrated in every part of the country. It is celebrated by the whole nation. On this day the national flag is hoisted by the prime minister over the red fort in Delhi.

Early in the morning on Independence Day, the prime minister goes to the red fort. He hoists the national flag and addresses the people. The national Anthem is sung and the band is played on this occasion. The guard of honor is presented by the Indian army. Buildings in old and new Delhi are brightly lit with electric lights. Sweets are distributed to school children, meals are given to the poor and medals and honors are awarded to the brave.

`Independence day’ is our greatest national festival. All the schools, offices –young and old, rich and poor, high and low-are gay on this day and take part in the national festival.


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