1. Pay more attention lighting arrangements time day

2. Have sound knowledge of subject matter.

3. Organize the thoughts in a logical sequence.

4. Involve the audience by asking question show of hands reaction to specific situation.

4. Speak everyday with the language.

5. If the audience is restless, begin with a humourous story or incident.

6. Establish a common ground with the audience by stating at the outset what you are going to deal with.

7. Be imaginative while making presentations. Use cartoons,graphs,maps, and charts wherever possible. Don’t rely only on words.

8. When making a slide presentation, use active words, short phrases and sentences and bullet your text. Make sure that the visuals support the next.

9. Clipart books and web sites are an inexpensive of readymade visuals.

10. Choose specific examples and analogies to communicate your information. Avoid making generalizations asfar as possible.

11. Don’t confuse the audience by throwing up too many ideas simultaneously.

12. Encourage feedback and input form the audience, both during and after the presentation.

13. If you have distributed handouts, do not read straight from them.

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