Wedding insurance is the necessity of today as like other insurance it gives you full claim of any accident which can happen during wedding. This is also called an Event Insurance. This will protect you from the accidents and losses. It is done in six parts:

  1. Accident occurs to the property before the seven days of marriage it is known as Pre paid Date claim

  1. Personal Accident claim includes the insurance of the family members.

  1. Loss of Property claim included the insurance of property (marriage hall or house)

  1. Claim related to Money Matters it save your money.

  1. If a robbery occurs at your home or at wedding place during the wedding than you can get the claim under this part of the policy.

  1. Public Liberalization includes the claim of any mis happening occurs with any guest.

Amount of Insurance

The amount of insurance depends on your pocket the policy starts from the minimum amount of Rs. 20,000 and up to the 70 Lakh Rs. The premium amount starts from Rs 3,000 and can go up to the amount of Rs. 15,000.

You can claim the insurance under the following circumstances

  1. If any accident occurs because of fire at the wedding place or at the house of bride or bridegroom.

  1. In the case of theft of any precious thing or object.

  1. In the case of food poising after eating the wedding food.

  1. The advance money which you paid in the arrangements of marriage like marriage hall, catering, decoration and booking of rooms can be claim under this insurance if the wedding will not take place because of any natural calamities.

Cannot be claim under following circumstances

  1. If the marriage is against the law means child marriage, or forcefully marriage.

  1. Marriage will not take place because of any valid reason.

  1. If the member under policy nomination have some criminal background.

  1. If the marriage is not performing because of the any fight from both the sides.

Procedure for getting Insurance

First of all fill up the form of the company which services you are going to hire for the insurance. You have to fill your name, address, wedding place and the phone numbers also.

You have to complete all the columns of the form and also have to paste the photographs of the beneficiary members.

Submit the invitation card of wedding along with the photographs of bride and bridegroom.

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