Since the discovery of gold in the early 1800s and mid, the United States introduced the bracelet diamond cable market of the late 1800s.


It is considered as one of the antique jewelry the most expensive and had remounted because of its limited supply.

Collections Georgian jewelry brought with it a sense of romanticism, symbolism and feeling real.

The ancient bracelet diamond cable displays the splendid work that displays borders and chased floral detailed set of ground encrusted with flower cut diamonds to beads bracelet.

The old pearl bracelet with diamonds in white gold is very popular for collectors and buyers of jewelry. This bracelet portrays the elegance and unique style. It weighs 15.2 grams and has a total length of 8 inches, 17mm wide and 3 millimeters deep.

It is also mounted in five strands that are steps 2.88 elegant white pearls that are prolonged games 18k bead with a distinctive cut diamonds. The old pearl bracelet is original priced around $ 3000.00.

The bracelet former Georgian Rose-cut diamonds pearls in platinum-topped 18k gold is yellow. This bracelet weighs 11.0 grams that its length is measured 7.25 inches and has a width of 7mm and 6mm deep.

It's designed with lift-cut diamonds that also sets a show cause foliate in silhouette with a total of 60 stones that are interspersed among 12 beautifully cut the splendid natural seed pearls graded with a look of platinum.

This bracelet is really enchanting and fascinating with a market value of $ 3400.00

With the value of the high price of these bracelets old, you have to keep the original condition of these valuable items. For the ancient jewelry look as elegant and alluring, you have to take care of it properly to keep the way it should be. Here are some tips on how you take proper care with bracelets and other jewelry.

1. To maintain the original external features of your jewelry, you have to clean your bracelet regularly polishing using a soft non-abrasive.

2. Use soap and water to clean your jewelry. This will keep your bracelet look good and shine again as ever.

3. It does not dry out your jewelry with paper towels or tissues. Always use a soft cloth to remove the slick wet plots. You can also use toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove tarnish beads bracelet.

4. Store bracelets and other jewelry in a cool dry place when not used. You can also use a bag to the locker to prevent all risks and tarnishes. It is recommended that you keep your jewelry in a proper place of storage when not used.

5. Never dip jewelry in water with chlorine. It can cause discoloration in the jewelry.

6. If your bracelet has ancient gemstones or pearls, do not immerse in water. May loose some of their original settings. Avoid abrasive pearls and gemstones cleaning.

Proper care can preserve the original settings of ancient bracelets especially those with pearl beads. About cleaning can also be harmful.

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