In today's scenario when everyone is busy and under pressure, need of the day is to find some handy tips to refresh ourselves. It is not a very practical option to go for vacation every week or month due to lack of time, money and travel hassles. There is immense pressure of work at job front while at home family too demands attention. With the breaking trends of joint families, some people feel trapped in between the increasing responsibilities which in turn lead to continuous fatigue of body and mind. Here I am not mentioning about any long-term and permanent solution but a little "mantra" that can induce a refreshing energy into the mind for a while and provied a relaxing and soothing feeling just to kick start the freshness and which very much works for me. This mantra is to " have a look on the blooming flowers in the flower pots in office or home courtyard or garden". I just feel the colours of these blooming flowers through my eyes, the freshness of bloom I can very well feel refreshing my mind, giving a relief to the body and keeps my confidence maintained in this beautiful planet.

I am posting here a picture of the flower that is working for me these days, hope it will soothe your eyes too.


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