I assume that most of the writers enjoy writing and this article especially relates to these people including me. Joy and happiness is not something like matter but it comes from inside the soul of emotions, an altogether different and invisible but very much expressible world. To travel into the emotional world, swim in the dreams, no tools, money or transport medium is required just book a free ticket from your heart and fly or ship as you wish.

How does writing on a concept begin? Most of the times first step is to conceive the idea. Very primitive but very significant for the structuring of whole article, book, novel, story, film or whatever it is. Conception of idea is the foundation of the building of creativity. Many of the people wait for their idea to take shape, give enough of the finishing touches, some may have to wait for years together for the publication and bring it before the world and then when it is presented, the final moment of judgment comes which when positive, gives them the real joy and happiness.

In my opinion this joy and happiness related with the final creation can be enjoyed beforehand. Start sharing the idea with your parents, sibs or trustworthy relations and friends, the day you conceive it. This way you do not have to wait for years together to feel that happiness of your final creation. After all what is wrong with that? Share your creation at every step with these people; it will give you even more joy repeatedly. Your friends or relations will encourage you doubling your enthusiasm which in turn will result into betterment of the creation (it is not necessary to include every coming suggestion but one in twenty may surely be useful).

This way the interval between conception, final creation and presentation, how long it may be, will not be like an uncertainty and a period of wait for success and happiness, but this time period will be like traveling on a sight seeing journey where you enjoy each and every sight and then the grand happiness of the final destination. Of course there may be some shortcomings of every idea but as far as reaping joy and happiness is concerned, this is to come for sure. If unfortunately somehow, your final creation does not come out to be a success, then also no worries, you have already enjoyed a lot and felt happy beforehand.

And if it is a success, then I do not need to say anything, it’s all very clear!'

So enjoy your, the day you and this platform is one place where the journey can be enjoyed.


Travel on the rough roads of ideas, just keep clicking the mind and the beautiful destination is not far away! 

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