The day by day growing jungles of concrete, huge construcions, increasing urbanization although very important for development yet need a thorough think-up. We must develop, but not at the cost of loosing our nature's wealth which is indispensable and highly preciuos. It is hightime to concentrate our eyes on technologies that work hand in hand with nature rather than destroying it. Yes, ofcourse we need good houses, lavish furniture but what if jungles fall short of trees?

Ever increasing demand of huge buldings, everyone wants a big empire, beautiful and unique constructions but what will happen if in that race we fall short of fresh air to breathe in? Will my luxurious house with polluted air and loads of pathogenic germs is what I wish to pass on to my coming generations?

My planet decorated with so many sky scrappers, sophisticated chambers but what if it lacks beautiful wildlife and jungles. Will it really look beautiful without nature's treasures?


 Today is the time to think, plan and act.....

Tomorrow will be late

Day after tomorrow...................................too late  

Heaven is very much on earth, let us preserve it.

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