Are you sick of jealous people around you? If your answer is YES, I have no suggestions to make them change. Of course we can't change others just because we wish them to change their behaviours but we can very well modify our behaviours.


        When you find someone hurting you just because he or she is jealous of your success, just don't respond to it irately , rather give a sweet smile and say thanks for making you aware of his or her thoughts. The motive of your jealous friend is not to make you smile, so after five or ten such attempts he is going to give up.       


      At the same time try to think deeply, what is the thing that is making people jaelous of you? Definitely some success, acheivement, happy life, porosperity.......................whatever it is something positive. So rather than focussing on other people's negative thoguhts, try pondering on your positive qualities, feel the enlightening aura within which is going to bless you with happiness in the life and grace on your face.






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