In the last few months Indian media is continuously showing the LAC vilations by Chinese People 's Liberation Army. But New Delhi is constatly rejecting these types of events. Government is saying that media is actually exaggeratting  the whole thing and China and India have a very peaceful relations. There is nothing so suspicious which might actually need any serious action.

But tensions have risen as India announced in june a plan to deploy two additional army divisions and two air force squadrons of Su-30 Fighter Unit, approx. fifty thousand soldiers in total, in a (disputed) border area in state of Arunachal Pradesh which China claims  its southern part of Tibet. China in return started forming new roads and buildings in order to counterattack any unlikely event which might occur.

The article by Bharat Verma, editor of Indian Defense Review made the situation more worse by predicting that China may attack India before 2012 to show its supremacy in Asia. Now China is a developed country unlike India which is still developing. India is actually amassing arms to counter any attack by China to possess Arunachal Pradesh. Now both the countries are playing poliotics in this but what may be the actual scenario, nobody knows. Incase if China attacks India, China has all the upperhand to defeat india in conventional war. But the win may be very hard this time for China. India has adopted the policy not to strike with nuclear weapon first. India may use nuclear weapon only for retaliation. Now this may take India and China into conventional war unless India changes its policy in the middle of war.

Pakistan has its own issues. They are asking for Kashmir which they claim to be their part of mainland as most of its inhabitants are muslims. Now China is trying to pressurize the Wolrd communities to make arunachal Pradesh a disputed area rather than to be an integral part of India. India on both sides is facing enemies who want to get a hand on its land. This may bring an illusion that China may attack India before 2012.

There has never been a nuclear war between two nuclear equipped nations but this might happen if Bharat Verma's prediction comes right. Because if China attacks India, Pakistan may never get another golden chance to attack India and get Kashmir. As the war with China may weaken India's defense system on LOC. Pakistan who is trying since 1947 to acquire kashmir from India but everytime it has met failure due to strong defense system of India. This might bring Indai in deep problem because it will be facing two nuclear equipped nations from both sides who supprt each other.

The possibilty of  China attacking India is not totally 100 percent but there is some possibilty. But India's amassing of more arms will only bring India and China into cold war rather than any conventional or nuclear war. Pakistan as always is trying to find a way to get Kashmir by hook or crook; the talks of resolving Kashmir Issue on tables is just an illusion. we can hope that war may never happen between these nations as there is every possibilty that it may trigger THE THIRD WORLD WAR if the war broke out between India and China. Russia may join India and USA  will find a way to attack China, its worst enemy by supporting India.With USA many other nations may come into play and Pakistan will be facing its nightmare as deviated due to war terrorists may attack Pakistan to acquire nuclear weapons thus leading to total disaster in the World.Therefore the statement will change like this:


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