Life on earth is a test – a preparation for what is to come. For believers, this is eternal life in the immediate presence of God. So how are we made righteous and able to receive this eternal life? There is only one way – through faith and trust in God....
You know....It(LIFE AFTER DEATH)cannot be proved like a theorem in Euclidean geometry; nor can it be observed, like a know many prophets and messengers send by GOD stresses the importance of LIFE AFTER DEATH...

The free gift of eternal life is available to all, but it requires that we deny ourselves some worldly pleasures and sacrifice ourselves to God. “And all who believe in God have eternal life.

This community allow you to discuss about Life after death...and How it relates to the religion..what is the meaning of life...and How can we achieve a better position "AFTER DEATH"

MAY GOD BLESS YOUthe_life_after_death_born_to_be_born_again_transmigration_idh0391DEATH the only truth of life.
But what after that,which would be better
life after death or before?

Where we go nobody knows or is it that
we go no where and again pray for rebirth
because we are never satisfied with what we have

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