My soul keeps wandering in the divine beauty of Himalayas. Fresh air, clean waters, wonderful flora and fauna come into the thoughts whenever the word "HIMALAYAS" strikes my ears. I just close my eyes to travel into my memories related to the gorgeous mountains,  a sweet tinkling music begins playing in the mind and I just cannot stop myself being travelling there.

         But now after reaching in the lap of Himalayas, I get upset due to the cries of these mountains. Cries that perhaps not everyone can hear but are very much audible to me, I feel my thoughts and peace being pierced with these heart throbbing sobs. The fresh air now sometimes brings a bundle of foul smell too with it sometimes, clean waters are now made unclean with the polythenes and plastics. The white glistening snow becomes dirty with crowds of footsteps of the people who do not feel any love towards the environment. They just come to the hills to enjoy with their friends and families, eat packed food and then dump lot of plastic containers and bottles there.


        The graceful "HIMALAYAS" keep sobbing and crying, tears roll down my eyes to see the foolish unaware enemies of environment polluting the sacred hills.


Feel the divine greenery but please don't pollute the soil to hinder its proliferation.   


The rocks are silently watching, please understand the value of divine blessings of nature


If we will not check the pollution, these kind of beautiful wild fruits will become a thing of past.

Help check pollution

Keep hills clean!

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