Ramzan is the holy festival of Muslims.It is the festival To Pray,To love,To care the following beings.it is the days of Fasting  and then took up the feast jointly,without any difference  of Rich or poor.The Iftars also made the human relationships strengthen.In short Ramzan is the month to make our minds clear and stoppen all our rivalries with any one.

But we must check out whether these all happens in this world.Now a dayswe dont find any feeling of Love or care mutually.And the thought rules Mankind is to Kill and survive.People are working and live in a selfish mind and they have only themselves and their own ideology.But was it Nabi told to us.No...

He said to treat your neighbour before you eat.Islam is the religion of Love.But Todays world treat Islam as a religion of terror.In some extend it was right.But most of the muslims are innocent in this case.But they are treatened as India's enemies.The important thing is that India is the second muslim populated country.Then what terrorist mean by Jihhad!!!.They made their war aganist the same Muslims....They dont treat Indian Muslim as Muslim.They only treat them as Muslims..And we other religion people view them as Muslims,the same terrorist blood.And hence Muslims are live in our country as some refuges..

In this holy day the thing we can do is Make our self an oath that without any religious,caste variant we are all INDIANS

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