Thank you, please

``Please’’ request to your higher office and old man. It is respectable word.

Say thanks to your friends.


Many people help us every day

A) Milk-man early in the morning

B) Paper – boy in the morning

C) Post- man in the after noon.

D) Washer man in the evening.

E) Neighbors say hello! In the evening.

F) Mummy, daddy say good night! While going to bed.

All these people are important to us. We respect them. We should love them. They help us in many ways. If they are not there our work will become difficult. They make our work easier and simpler. Thank god giving all these people. Thank for keeping these loving people around you.

When you some one helps you, it is your duty to say, ``thank you’’.

Thank you.

These two small words mean much. We thank god for everything.

We must also others who help us. When you help mummy in the kitchen, she says ``thank you’’.

When your little sister brings your school bag, you too must say11thank you’’.

When you request for some thing always say ``please’’.

When you ask for something to your mummy, daddy, brother or sister always say ``please’’.

When you have a doubt in the class, say ``please! Explain once again teacher’’.

When you are walking on the road, when you are travelling in a train or bus or when you are, with whoever may be, say ``please’’ when you are requesting for something.

When you do some thing wrong or hurt anybody say ``sorry’’.

Your school is your second home.

As a child, from home the next place you go to is your school. You live your school. You respect your teachers in the school. You love class mates. You like to sit in the class room.

Main points

A) When somebody gives you some thing, say ``thank you’’.

B) When you ask for something say ``please’’.

C) We ``thank’ god for everything ’’.








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