Burning fire is with red color and fast smoke.yagam

Fire color is red. Its work is burning. Benefits and danger is from the fire. So care from the fire.

Fire is a magician. Its magic touch has made possible many of the wonderful things in the world to day. If your house is made of bricks, the bricks were baked in a fire.

Fire made glass, coked the bread you eat, melted the steel for your knives. In fact with out fire we should still be living like the cavemen of many thousands of years ago.

Early man knew nothing afire until one day lighting from the sky set fire to tree. Soon the whole forest was ablaze. As the fire died down, one man seized a burning branch and so started his own small fire.

This primitive, or early man, found that his fire gave him warmth on cold nights. It kept away the dangerous animals that were always prowling around.

Even more than these things, fire brought light into the darkness of the night. Slowly men learnt that the fire could also be used to cook their food and the points of their spears.

There is an old saying that fire is ``a good servant but a bad master’’. It is a good servant because it gives us light and heat, and dies many helpful things for us. But if we do not control it, fire becomes a dangerous enemy which destroys everything that it can touch.

Many fires are caused by people being careless. Sometimes sparks from a passing train have started a fire; or people have lit a bonfire and then lost by different reasons.

Children should never play with matches. During Diwali many sad accidents take place because children have been lighting crackers. Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you. So enjoy your Diwali this year, but keep this article in mind. You will not regret it.

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