It is an impossible task to recognize the world which is beyond the scope of visualization, measurement or detection but still none can refuse that emotional world exists, that too perhaps inside every living organism. It is difficult to describe about its existence in micro-organisms for me but my observation on the macro animal kingdom reveals it to be present in each and every kind of organism that has come before my eyes, level and kind of emotions however may vary according to the species, habitat, interactions, conflicts and so many other factors. In my opinion, it is next to impossible to find out an absolutely emotionless individual. 


The emotions may be positive or negative for others and self, which is an altogether different issue. Emotion is something which can't be measured with a meter but can very well be recognised qualitatively. Emotions to me are like the vibrations that travel from one heart to another like an ant travels from one crevice of tree bark to other. Scientifically and medically also the existence of emotions cannot be denied but can be explained in terms of effect of endogenous hormones or biochemicals that play a role in maintaining the psychological state of mind in a particular situation.

 For example the emotional bonding between a child and mother is also attributed to the role of hormones that come into play during pregnancy, child birth and lactation. Leave aside the human beings they may adapt the things from family or society, just observe a cow after calving, how affectionately she licks the newly born calf and carries it upto the udder to feed colostrum. Who tells the cow to do so......... foretold wisdoms that come through genetics?........hormones?.......biochemicals?

 Emotions may create love, hate, attraction, distraction, respect, liking and so many other feelings which may or may not be explainable in words. Joy, sorrow, satisfaction, etc, are all the components of emtional world that exists inside every living organism perhaps and without which the life seems difficult to go on. Emotions impart different colours to life, thereby making it more livable and colourful. 


Even the tiny living beings are full of emotions and know about the emotional world.  Love is perhaps the strongest and sacred most factor of emotional world. 

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