it is general. paresh


Earring from the boddunan

He is surcharging for job. No job.

Last he decides to die under train.

``Ho! Man what are you doing there? Common train is arriving’’ told a man.

``I am graduate’s, but I have no work to do. How I live with out money.’’ said.

I will give one good idea.

There is computer on the table.

Job is not only earning way. So many sources are there common. I will show you.

He opened a web site.

That is

``I am earning from this site by the article writing.’’ said happy handicapped man.

He wondered soon start work with the happy.


Dear near


He is thinking for her

Her dreams for him

She is where?

He is where!

Between too distance

But, they connected very near by the cell phone

What it is great!

I am poor those are rich why?

I and he and three are friends. We are poor in the childhood. We are completed BA degree in a same collage.

But, we are in three different ways.

One man is flying in the flight.

Second man is traveling in Ac car.

I am going to office by cycle.

Why these difference between among.

I am poor mind man?

No, I am also good intelligent, But why this huge different.

Difference is between among  thinking and following.



Great farmer

We are eating food

Food from food grains

Farmer growing the crop

He is doing that work for earning purpose?

No, if he wants money, he will do some other business

But why he is growing in the rain and in the hot?

He is plain man

He will do work hard

He think ``farming is his duty and responsibility’’

So, he is great


Don’t afraid for death

We are on the earth

We will pass this or that day

Sky in the high

Sun in the day

Moon in the night

Birth is god gift

Death is common to all

So, don’t fear for death

Do good, live holy

Enjoy with the happy


Electricity fail

A teacher is asking a student that ` if electricity fails ‘what is the loss?’

``We are loosing with right bill pay and candles light cost. Rupees 50 my father’s earning in a day by the rickshaw pulling’’ answer the boy.

Really, poor families are more in the country.





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