With the increasing trend of computers and internet we find it easy to connect globally but I think this has also lead to decreasing interaction with the real world. Many people feel very comfortable in the virtual world but are not easy with their own actual environment. We must take advantage of the developing technologies but at the same time, should not forget our own identity outside the computer screen.

I have seen, especially teenage children identifying them with their profile pictures on social networking or gaming sites and behaving like cartoons with their friends and family. Is it not our duty to show them the real world, the amazing wonders of nature to keep them physically, physiologically and psychologically fit?

Along with the mental exercise, physical exercise is also must, after all how can we expect a mind inside the ailing body to perform its fullest, like we can’t expect a body to be completely healthy without a healthy mind. Overall a smooth life involves both mind and body.

This is not the case with teenagers only; also there are adults who have become a kind of internet addicts who can’t be away from the computer and video games even for a while. With so many of the charming and creative entertaining games, although it seems difficult to restrain from, yet it is necessary to think upon the fact that essential needs are to be taken care of. The involvement with computer and internet shouldn’t become an addiction or a disorder leading to reduction in food intake or decreased level of physical activity.

If this is the case, it needs a serious attention to work upon the daily activities. So the time for daily activities should be divided wisely and shouldn't exclude physical exercise or a morning walk for the sake of net surfing or video-gaming.


Surf, play and roam freely in the virtual world but don't forget the amazing world of nature to reap sweet fruits of healthy life!

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