In the urban scenarios, we see working woman as office workers in various companies or marketing the things in well planned, systematic and organised manner. Some may be seen working as doctors, nurses, pilots or helping at many other works but when we get out in the rural places, we see the women earning money in different roles.

                 Here I am not talking about women who are well settled in government or private sector jobs but my focus is on some little educated, bond with traditions women of rural areas who have a zeal to work hard despite all the restrictions and limitations that are imposed on them by family, society or nature.

                 It makes me happy to see these inspiring hard workers working in minimum of infrastructure with bare minimum facilties. But they put in, is their strong will power and hard work with some experience and some knowledge about agriculture and convert it into cash for their day to day needs. They add this amount in the family income to improve their living standards.

               They are not blessed with much of the land but still they have the courage to grow vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, caulflower and garlic etc. in their small fields and kitchen gardens. As the quantities of produce are not sufficient to be sold through big dealers and reap good profits, they carry the produces on their backs to the open markets and sell those to town people.


               It is a daily routine for them to come from their villages into the town, keep sitting in the hot sun to sell the freshly harvested vegetables and return home in the evening with their earnings. Sometimes they can be seen buying the ration for family or sweets for their children while returning back home.



I perceive them as potential hard-working vegetable growers cum sellers who need no sophisticated marketing strategy that they can't adapt to. They simply work hard and rear their family rather than sitting idle.   

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