Have you ever seen closely the thorns of Opuntia? A cactus that grows abundantly in many regions of India ranging from deserts to hills. The thorns growing on its various parts are very pricky and irritate the body a lot if accidently happen to pierce or even touch the body. The pain of pierce is so intense and it can be felt for hours together after the prick. 

            But if you want to enjoy the positive outlook even in the agonising things,just change the trends to behave and act according to the situations. Don't ever touch the thorns of Opuntia, it is not the way to find happiness out of thorns, just look at those, stare, concentrate your eyes on the thorns and if you have a  camera, just click the moment.


And you will find that even thorns are beautiful, extremely beautiful. It also conveys the message that every bad moment carries in itself the tinge of goodness, provided you are able to catch it.  Minor modifications in behaviour and attitude may imaprt happiness to life. It also tells us to look at the beautiful aspect of life and neglecting the negativity. Let not the negativity overshadow the glamour and joy of positivity in the life.         

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