In many ways, your most treasured dream is, even now, close enough to touch. If it seems distant, that's only because you imagine it to be.
To reach your dream completely will of course take time and effort. Yet you can begin to reach for it at this very moment, if you so choose.
The value of a dream does not reside in the moment of attainment, but rather in the process of attainment. And that process can begin right now.
Whatever your dream may be, the most valuable part of it is the opportunity for you to live with a purpose. That value can be yours as soon as you are ready to live it.
Think of the most magnificent, ambitious, meaningful dream you can imagine for yourself and your world. Just thinking about it begins the process of making it real, and gets the value flowing from that dream into your life.
Your most treasured dream is, today, close enough to touch. Reach out, touch it, and hold on tightly as you make it more and more real with each passing moment.


Dream big for what is to come
Hope big for those who need it most
Love big for just your self and one more
As all in this world do every day

The stars see out into the world
Every dream at night, they remember
Everything you wish upon them, while young
They are the ones to make it true

The dreams you dream every night
Cannot be hidden in the mornings early light.
Your dream catcher watches with great fascination
As you wake, with this new dreaming sensation

Everything seems new and different
From the views you learned in your dream, last night
Yet nothing really manages to change
As the ache you feel comes around, hoping that maybe, something will be new

The dream you had last night, is one of pure delight
Or possibly it had only fright. Maybe it was a dream of of nothingness
Of the change that you dare not make, or do you?
Dream big, Hope big, Love big
For when you do,
Who knows,
It may come true.


Future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.....keep dreaming...

Something u can be passionate about,
Something which u can mould n nourish
Something so vivid…..
Something so colourful….
Something that can be shared and yet not stolen…..
That s the power of dreams!!!

Its no big deal just dreaming….....but keeping these dreams alive is an exceptional achievement!!!




A dream has power to poison sleep.

Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.

When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.A dream has power to poison sleep.

Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.

When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.

Dreamz...are the experience of a sequence of images, sounds, ideas, emotions, or other sensations.

Someone once asked me "why do u always insist on taking the hard road?" and i replied "why do u assume i c two roads"?

Live & let live your dreamz !

Do u have any dreams???

Know u can't say no!!!

You are entering a mysterious and fascinating world of dreams where the rules of reality do not apply. We hope that Dream Moods will help you make sense of your dreams and achieve a better understanding of them. We're dedicated to helping you find the key to unlocking and interpreting the meanings to your dreams.

We realize that your dreams are unique. No other individual can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences. Every dream is connected with your own "reality". Thus, in interpreting your dreams,it is important to draw from your personal life and experience!!!
Remember that a dream unifies the body, mind, and spirit. It provides you with insight into ourselves and a means for self-exploration. In understanding your dreams, you will have a better understanding and discovery of your true self.So stay awhile--explore, discover, have fun, make friends, and make ur dream come true!!!

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