Daily while surfing on the net, I come across hundreds of pages luring the net surfers with words like "make money by writing". While reading those words, it seems as if every writer will be able to make huge money with his writings on the web.

But this is not the truth actually. Although it is compartively convenient and inexpensive to publish this way but that never always means conversion into money. For converting words into dollars a continuous and consistent hardwork is required in terms of maintaiing quality of writing and also the content should be interesting to attract enough traffic towards it.

One should also be well conversant with various fair methods of attracting enough traffic towards his writings on the web only then the writings will have enough views, fans and income..

Money making only by writing may seem easy but the fact is that leaving the exceptions this is the thing that infact requires lot of hard work, dedication and professionalism, may it come from writing, photography, technicality, labour or anything else. Although in the modern times with the development of technology now reach to knowledge, the ways and forums to reach the destiny have increased a lot but still there are very less alternatives to the quality, dedication and hard work. With the convenience of availabiltiy of oppurtunities, the competition has also increased and the rate of increase of competition is much higher than that of availabiltiy of oppurtunities.

So I conclude that it is better to think of earning money by writing on internet but be sure to put in hard work, dedication and quality into the webpages if you seriously want to convert words into dollars. In this effort I want to consider www.boddunan.com a very good platform. 

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