Archimedes expermint archimedes

Archimedes was physics scientist. He was practiced from the student life to find new from the experimental.

Archimedes is called the scientific detective. He was born in the year 287 B.C. at Syracuse in Cicely; he got the best education in mathematics and physics. As a great scientist he gained the favor of the king.

The king called upon Archimedes to find out weather the crown was made of pure gold given to the goldsmith. Archimedes took the crown and went home. The task was a difficult one. Archimedes started thinking how to solve the problem of the king.

One day Archimedes was taking a bath in a bath tub. Before entered the tub it was full. When he entered It., some water flowed out. He then reasoned out that the volume of the water that flowed out is equal to the volume of the body that entered it. He declared the principle called the ``Archimedes principal’’ he ran out of the tub naked should ``Eureka, Eureka’’ which in the Greek language means `` I have found it’’.

Using the same principle he told the king that the crown was not made of pure gold.

The king summoned the goldsmith to his court. A large number of people assembled there. They were eager to listen to Archimedes.

Archimedes explained to the king what he had found out. He said `` first of all, I weighted the crown carefully. Then I obtained a lump of pure gold and a lump of pure silver of the same size, each as heavy as the crown. I next filled a vessel with water and carefully lowered the lump of gold into it. Some water flowed out and I measured how much it was. I then did the same using the lump of silver. I found that the water that flowed out was more than that when the gold had been used. Then I put the crown in the water. I measured the water that flowed out of the vessel. I am sure that the goldsmith has mixed some silver in the gold given. I have no doubt that he is a cheat.

The king was pleased with Archimedes, explanation. The dishonest goldsmith admitted his guilt in to front of the king. The king became furious and sent the goldsmith to prison for life. The king then praised Archimedes for his scientific proof of sow the goldsmith had tried to cheat him.



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