Every single leaf is the planet

Not for me

But for those little tiny insects

Ants, spiders, crickets

Those keep roaming in their world

Like we enjoy traveling in different parts

Of the world


Like we are worried about existence

Of our earth

Among various threats of natural calamities

So are these little lives

Scared of man’s cruel endeavours

Of deforestation and pollution




O’ foolish man

Think it over

If you’ll keep wiping out

Their miniature planets

A day will come

When your giant planet will be in fires

The tiny planets, tiny insects, huge humans, big nations

Everything will be gone!





Can you imagine, what would earth be like without any life on it? Just like other lifeless stars and planets. The loss of life on earth is not the loss for earth, it will keep existing and revolving around the sun as usual, but it will be our loss? We will be no more.


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