The Sunkesula dam is in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh. It is under dam of Hosapteta, Karnataka state.

We went to Sunkesula dam by a car, east 23 km from Kurnool, in that time full of water in the dam. It is very beautiful sceneries dam. This dam is banking on Tungbhadra River between Sunkesula and Rajoli villages. This river is dividing separate Rayalaseema and Telangana. The dam has been re build with a big and long renamed after Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy, a former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. A road crossed the on the dam from Sunkesula to Rajoli. Sunkesula village was ruled by Vijayanagar rajulu and Rajoli place was ruled by Hyderabad Navabs.

This is live river. And dangerous floods flow in the rain seasons.

This dam only for water reservoir and not for hydraulic electricity power generates.

Upper of the village near to kottakota an old and a new temples are the side of dam. These are Sri Ranga swami and Sri Raghavendra swami temples.

A big park is there, with the full of deferent varieties plants. I have completed my dinner in a restaurant. It is only on one big restaurant avails good food.

All most all are farmers in Sunkesula village. But different in Rajoli, there are farmers and weavers. This is famous foe silk saris.

Black soil fields are arranged in small and big plots at slightly uneven levels. The fields are filled with water for transplantation of chilli, Onion, paddy and ground nuts. Main crop is paddy. Tungabhadra river water flows by canal near-by the fields. Land rates are in high. Cuddapah-Kurnool (K.C) Canal that flows from Sunkesula Dam on Tungabhadra River irrigates approximately 4000 hectares of cultivable land in Cuddapah.

Water and fish are tastes different other river.

Three fishermen placed small nets in the air for catching fish flying out of the bursting water. They sat and chat leisurely, oblivious to the high-decibel discharge of water. The water was pure white, bubbling with energy. Black-hued water birds took a dip in the water while some were basking in the evening sun on tiny islands. The color birds seemed to be luckier with their catch than the fishermen. A big Fish market is in Rajoli famous for handloom saris and seed cotton growths.

We passed through R.Kontalapadu, Yeduru Singavaram, and Mungalapdu a few small villages and crossed the Kurnool-Cuddapah canal or KC canal, as it is popularly known, near the dam.

A big fishery’s department is in Kurnool. A brief history of the dam was inscribed on a plaque near a tower housing engineering personnel. The English East India Company had purchased the water works from the Dutch. The KC canal originates at the dam and proceeds towards the neighboring Kadapa district. The first fish farm in India was set up at Sunkesula in 1911.

There fishes available in the cheep rate. It is poor people food. Fish food is health for the body.

Fry roast curry ball fish food of varieties.

Take on a pan a dry fish mixed chilly power and salt enough fried with oil, food Ready. Take it with chapatti or in rice.

Fish food is and taste and best for the body.

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