• "Not only fantastic in itself but criminally mischievous in its effects" (Winston Churchill)


  • I have no free date in 2020.Booked as hero in three films with a new heroine in each.All the three are in KG now.But i can assure you that they have talent and beauty ( Today's super star)


  • It will be worst of times,it will be the age of foolishness,it will be the season of darkness,it will be the winter of despair (Charles dickens.quote from a Tale of two cities)


  • So long as there shall exist by reason of lawless, a criminal society which in face civilization creates hell on earth and so long as the three problems of the age - the degradation of man by ugly riches,the ruin of women by idiot box,the dwarfing of childhood by abuse are not solved..


  • In 2020, students will have a major role in education system.They will participate in syllabus preparation,question paper setting,continuous assessment and answer sheet evaluation which was the monopoly of teachers..

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