We are using LPG cylinder in our day to day life . When we get a new cylinder,usually we will  check whether there is any leakage before taking it.

One more important thing we have to check before getting the cylinder is its expiry date. It is not advisable to use an LPG cylinder which is expired as it may cause accidents.

The cylinder will have three stems.On any one of the stems the expiry date will be written in the alphanumeric format Quarter - Year.

Quarter - denotes in which quarter of the year upto which the cylinder will be valid. It will be denoted by the letter A,B,C or D.
Year - denotes the year upto which the cylinder will be valid. It will range from 01 to 99.

Given below are examples :

A-08 ( A : First quarter - March, 2008 )
B-06 ( B : Second quarter - June, 2006)
C-04 ( C : Third quarter - September, 2004 )
D-02 ( D : Fourth quarter - December, 2002 )

Expired OK

So always check the expiry date is later than the current date.  Prevention is better than cure.


  • Whenever you go out please close the cylinder knob as it may prevent accidents due to sudden leakage.
  • Before switching the gas stove on please ensure that everything is ready  as it will minimise the wastage of gas.
  • Always cook in low flame for the long life of the cylinder

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