Itching stray dogs in the streets

stray cows binging polythenes on the roads

monkeys roaming here and there

often I think

Is it humane to curse these innocent animals

and call their presence a menace?



A disrepectful word

is this the only word in our treasure

to be given to these creatures of God?



Is it in fact these animals' fault

doesn't it speak of

human's selfishness?

to disturb the nature

fiddle with the ecological balance

disbalance the food chain


Nature's wisdom

abundant jungles

falling prey to our ambitions

how will the food chain be maintained

leopards getting no place to survive

monkeys adpated to human food

no more want to be in jungles

cow, known as mother

has been kicked off to roads


something needs to be done

something needs to be done!


Increasing number of stray animals are posing many kinds of threats to the daily life of theirs and ours , something needs to be done for their as well as our own well being. It is so pathetic to see many stray dogs, cattle, donkeys etc. on the roads.


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