What is a blog ?

You can create blogs in Internet for free. Blogs are nothing but a Personal or Business Dairy or Website. You can publish your interesting stuffs here on a regular basis. To create/design a blog you doesn't have a programming knowledge. Because blogger has its own template. What you have to do is just post your interesting topics, contents, etc.

I am writing this article mainly to teach you how to create a free blog in Internet and how to post your contents to them. Creating a blog is simple, fast and very interesting. Let me explain this in simple steps.

How to create a blog ?

Step > 1.
To create a blog you should have a gmail account. If you don't have one visit www.gmail.com and create a gmail account.

Step > 2.
Now go to www.blogger.com to create your Blog website account. You can see the page shown below.


Step > 3.
Sign in using your gmail Id and password and then CLICK "Sign in" link button to continue. See the image below,


Step > 4.
Now you have entered in to your blog account. Look at the page shown below. You can now enter your name and display name here. After that CHECK the "Acceptance of Terms and conditions" and CLICK "continue" button


Step > 5.
Now You will get a page shown below. CLICK the link "Create your blog now" to proceed.


Step > 6.
Now Enter the title for your blog website. For example: " Great Men Of India" . And enter the blog address below it. For example : www.greatmenstories.blogspot.com. Here "greatmenstories" is the blog address name. If your blog name is not available, try other names until it is available. Now let us CLICK continue button to proceed.


Step > 7.
Now you will get a page as shown below. CLICK  "Start posting button to continue.


Step > 8.
Now choose the template design of your choice. Template is nothing but your website design layout. You can change your template design at anytime in future if you decide. Now CLICK  "Continue" button and proceed.

Step > 9.
After selecting your template, now you can post some content in to your blog website. Below page shows how to post content for your blog. I am showing only how to post the content. I hope that i can discuss about what to post in your blogs in next articles.Enter the title and description and then CLICK "Publish post" button to continue.


Step > 10.
Congratulations ! Now you have successfully created and posted the content for your blog website. CLICK "View Blog" as shown in the below image.


Waah ! See the page below how your blog website looks.


 You can post some quality content in to your blog. The above postings are just for your practice. You can edit the previous post inside your blog. I hope that you have enjoyed my article. Now start blogging today itself.

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