In Bangalore, if you do not own  a vehicle it is better to travel in a Bus than in a Auto rickshaw.  The reasons are:-

Step 1:- In Bangalore usually Autorickshaw are not usually always avaiable in residential areas. You have to walk atleast 5 minutes to find a Auto rickshaw Stand.  Once you reach the stand, most of them refuse to take you to the place of your choice even if it is in the heart of city.  They do not say whether they will come or not by saying Yes or No.  Once they remain silent, it is understood they are not interested.

Step 2:- Since there is no option, the person has to walk up to Bus Stop to find a Auto.  You find more Auto Rickshaws in a Bus Stop.  There you also get the option of Auto rickshaw or a Bus.  If you ask around 40 Auto drivers, one of them may oblige, but it is also possible that by the time one auto driver will oblige, you might already be late for your workplace or function.  If you are planning to go to a railway station, there is a possibility of missing the train, causing inconvenience to you by missing the event as well as being burdened financially through cancellation charges

Step 3:- Even if you get the Autorickshaw, one thing is not sure whether the person will drop you exactly at the place where you want to go.  The more likely chance is that he would drop half a kilometre away from the place where you actually want to get down, saying that the roads are bad.  In case if you are still insistent, then he would ask you for more  money than the actual meter charge.

Considering this situation, the best way is to travel by bus as you need to walk upto bus stop even for a auto.  Once you see a bus, you can eliminate the waiting time, as you can get into a bus as is  your right as you need not take the bus conductors concurrence as in the case of auto driver.  With bus the only advantage you are deprived is the fact that you cannot get dropped exactly at the doorstep of your destination.  However the advantages of travelling by bus, far weigh the disadvantages.

Considering the attitude of auto drivers and availability of autorickshaws, travel by bus gives you a possibility of reaching on time or earlier and save money.  You need to pay a minimum of Rs.14/- for a Auto, calculated for a minimum of 2 kilometres.  You have to pay only Rs.2/- for the same distance.

You can enjoy your journey in the bus, as the bus belongs to you till you get down whereas with an auto rickshaw you are the mercy of driver till you reach the destination.





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