Some common Email rules

  • Read the email before you send.
  • Always spell check before you send.
  • Be concise and to the point.
  • Use a meaningful subject line.
  • Respond to emails quickly.
  • When replying, answer all questions.
  • Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation.
  • Avoid long sentences.
  • Consider carefully what you write; as it is a permanent record.
  • Use cc: field sparingly
  • Avoid abbreviations using U instead of you, for example, is unprofessional
  • Be careful with formatting
  • When forwarding messages, put your comments at the top of the message
  • Do not use email to discuss confidential information
  • Do not attach files unnecessarily
  • Do not overuse Reply to all
  • Do not forward chain letters
  • Do not request delivery and read receipts
  • Do not forward virus hoaxes and chain letters
  • Do not attach large files (over 50K) without getting permission from your recipient first.
  • Do not forward personal e-mail to a group without getting the authors permission first.
  • Do not type more than 65 characters in a line. E-mail programs will wrap the text as wrong points or not wrap it at all.


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