Learn More Than One Language!?

We all know that language is a kind of communication tool that human's use. Before we know languages and even before we know how to speak we used many kind of symbols to communicate and express our thoughts and ideas. In this article we will see why it is important to learn more than one language.

In our modern world the states of India are united under various facts. They may be because of:

•    They are Indian states, which is obvious.

•    The states of India have some trade contacts, some agricultural deals, scientific deals, financial statements.

•    Sports and games unite the states of India.

•    Educated youths go to the other states of India to get higher education, so educational deals between states may arise.

•    Ancient artifacts may unite two states by defining the similar status between two states, some government conferences and arts education may unite some states.

•    To have a mixed combination of employee's the government may transfer some of the government staffs to other states.

•    Love or marriages between individual may unite states.

•    Major reason may be 'cause of the political parties.

Land Of Languages:

But our country India is a land of languages, so each state of India has its own regional language. It would be useful for person who learns languages of two states or more. He can speak freely to latter state people in their own language. He/she may get lots of opportunities regarding employment and more. He can understand the latter state people better.It is in fact that an other country's language is our official language because English helps India to communicate with the world.

What Sort Of Languages:

It would be better, much better that from the present if we make children of our country to learn to learn various languages at such young age.It should be made compulsory that Indian children should know at least  5 language before they get out of Higher Secondary or so. Of these five languages:

•    One of them must be the language of their state that is the regional language.

•    Second must be the language from north of India if they are in south and language of south India if they are in north.

•    Third must be the language from the west of the world.

•    Fourth must be the language from east of the world.

•    Fifth must be the official language of their country, in our case it is English.

Thus the knowledge of five languages of the world will equip every young person to live his/her life better,much better.

Some Final Thoughts:

It might be true that a human can live without the knowledge of five languages and one is enough. And a human can live without can going to any other states or country. But in modern times knowledge makes  a man a modern scholar So it would make your life better if you learn or gain knowledge of more than one language.

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