Make a resolution and say. ``I will not boast about my self anymore. I will be humble and grateful to God’’.

One morning, two men went to the temple to pray. On was a Pharisee who was very rich. The other was a publican was poor.

The Pharisee said, ``O God, you know very well hoe generous I am. I give alms to the poor and food to the hungry. I always remember to give one tenth of my possessions to you. I am not like publican either. Therefore, bless me abundantly’’. He prayed like this and went on his way.

The publican, on the other hand did not even dare to lift his head towards heaven, but bowed down humbly and prayed. ``Lord has mercy on me for I am a sinner’’. He too went away after praying like wise.

Among the two men, whose prayer do you think God was pleased to answer? Of course, the poor, humble man’s prayer which arose from his heart. Isn’t it?

Children, remember that God hates the proud. He is kind to the humble. God is above all. He is supreme. All of us are like worms before him. So we have nothing a boast of. Let this story teach you to be humble before God and never to boast about yourselves. Those who boast of themselves are fools. Hence, ask God to give you the grace to be humble.


Main points

1) God loves the humble.

2) He does not show favor to the proud.

3) God always lifted the humble.



Merciful father, thank you and praise you teaching us so many good qualities that we should acquire. O lord bless you. Make us humble O God, so that we will not miss any of your wonderful blessings. We want your favor to remain with us always. We love you and thank you, dear God.


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