Paint my life

with lovely colours

of love and peace

I am sick of the traumatic things

bomb blasts

plane crashes

train accidents

injured limbs

wounded heart

numb mind

bleeding soul

I am fed up

I need a deep sleep

get me Almighty into your abode

keep me there for years together

bless my planet

with love and peace

save the deteriorating perishing peace

humans fond of red blood

hatred growing up

like a flood

"me" sinking and sinking

in the cries of innocent heads

Almighty please knit up

peaceful threads



Let not the thorns of hatred grow up

Let not the cacti of crime flare up

cool the fire of burning minds

get us all

out of torturing tormenting grinds

tears of mothers

cries of kids

all make me deaf and dumb

Almighty, I pray again

Let not the lives

go as waste!


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