We come across various types of conflicts in our day to day life.  In childhood it is between siblings.  When we grow up it is between our friends or with our girlfriends and when we get married it is without our wives.  At workplace it is between colleagues or between management and union.  One thing is common in all these conflicts.  These can never ever be resolved and some of them end up in break up in relationships..

Yet most conflicts can be resolved, that is if both the parties have a intent to resolve the conflict.  One thing is for sure intent on part of one person is not good enough, because that is often perceived  as a meek surrender by the other person.  The key to cropping up of conflicts and failure to resolve it is because of lack of good communication skills.

Suggestions to resolve conflicts.

Conflicts within the family:- Origin of conflicts is always on issues.  It is never personal.  However it tends to become personal as many people have a tendency to deviate from the main topic and involve in sarcastic talk.  Sarcastic comments only aggravate the problems and takes it beyond manageable limits.

Organisation Conflicts:- Many a occasions meetings are called in conference room to resolve issues between groups.  Often it is seen in a meeting between two persons that when the first person starts the conversation, he is not allowed to complete the conversation by the second person as he is interrupted time and gain.  Similarly when the second person begins to speak, the first person interrupts the conversation.  As a result of this both of them leave the room without their issues  being resolved.  The key to solution of this problem is that each person come to a an agreement that they be allowed 3 to 5 minutes to complete their conversation in full without interrupted.  Once one person has completed his conversation the other person should take a couple of minutes time to think about what the first person had said before starting his conversation.  Once the second person has sufficiently understood what the first person has said then he should start speaking.  This way issues can be resolved mutually in a much better atmosphere.

Nominate a leader in group meeting:- In a meeting between two groups of people, there is a tendency on the part of the opposing groups to interrupt conversations.  Either it is a group interrupting a individual, or groups shouting against each other.  The way to resolve is to ensure that a rule be laid that each group nominate one person to speak for their respective groups.  The understanding would be that respective group leaders be allowed to finish their conversation in full so as to enable to resolve issues.

Jokes:- While sarcasm, protests, vocal and noisy interruptions are part of meetings to discuss volatile issues,  cracking of jokes are avoidable interruptions in meetings conducted in friendlier atmosphere.  Usually a meeting called for half an hour to discuss few issues, will get dragged on for one and half hour of which hardly five to ten minutes time is spent on discussing the actual issue.  As people lose patience having spent so time and are eager to leave for their homes, the meeting often getting terminated without resolving the issue.  All office meeting follow similar pattern and issues are never ever resolved after innumerable meetings.

I would conclude saying that any problem can be resolved provided if we do not deviate from the topic, have the patience to listen and an intent to solve the problem.






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