Uncertainty of future

Uncertainty of future has always haunted mankind. The fear of the unknown future is the cause of various foretelling techniques. Some of these are palmistry, numerology, dream prophesy, terrot cards and astrology. Palmistry is the skill of reading future of an individual by reading lines on his palm. Astrology depends on planetary movements and the various stars, planets and sattellites are linked to an individual's future events. Numerology attempts to foretell future by aid of numbers. There are several other methods. We also find many foretellers who just pick a card either themselves or through a parrot.

Feasibility of forecasting

The foremost question is whether foretelling is possible. It is aptly said that history repeats itself. Human nature and other phenemenon remain same throug ages. The instincts of self interest, dominance, greed, love for children, fear of enemies always exist. The social behaviour does not change drastically. There are many reliable means to foretell natural phenemenon like rain, sea storm and other such events. The astronomical events like solar and lunar ecclipse are also foretold accurately. It is possible to tell reasonably an individuals's career prospects by observing his talents, inclinations and interests. But predictions are not foolproof. There are many permutaions and combinations. Interaction between individuals and places consists of many permutations and combinations. This makes future more uncertain and unreliable.

Methodolgy of forecasting and utility

Meteriology and statistics are somewhat reliable and scientif tools for weather forecast, population growth and economic planning. everybody needs some sort of forecast for individual planning of finance, career, education etc.
It is possible to reasonably forecast on basis of facts like level of skill and intelligence, habits and other data. In fact, no planning is possible without some sort of forecast

Future not predetermined

Future is uncertain but not predetermined by some divine force. Many believe that the omnipresent and omnipotent entity God has predetermined everything that can be foretold. Even if we concede the argument that God exists and determines all events, We may ask them whether God cannot change His mind. If God has all powers, he can definitely take any decision any time and upset the prophesy made. Hence, even from viewpoint of believers, prophesy cannot be made. Nobody is competent to know the will of almighty and thus no foretelling is possible.

Astrological predictions How reliable

Forecasting future is undoubtedly necessary to a great extent for planning our course of action. The forecast must be on some reasonable basis. The pertinent  question is whether palmistry and astrology and other such methods are reliable and genuine. Let us take astrology first. Astrology depends on horoscope of an individual. The horoscope is drawn on basis of place and date of birth. The planetary movements are linked to an individual's entire life and events like marriage, education, children etc. Obviously, there is no co-relation between planetary movements and an individual's activities. An individual depends more on interactions with other fellow human beings, places on Earth and own efforts rather than on planetary movements, which are totally irrelevant. Thus Astrology is a pseudo science. The lay men and individuals who are not of scientific bent of mind are led by astrological predictions. They very seriolsy believe in astrological predictions. some even plan their travel, house constructions, marriage and other events on such predictions. On some cases, even a child's subjects of education are decided on astrological predictions. The other foretelling technique is palmistry. The lines on an individual's palm indicate an individual's life span, marriage, education and career prospects. Obviously, the lines on an individual's palm have nothing to do with an individual's future events. So palmistry is as fake as astrology. There is no cause and effect co-relation between palm lines and and individual's future. If it were so, It is a matter of wonder that the doctors know the entire human anatomy but not the palm lines. There is another paradox. Indian and Americal astrology differ. Indian and American palmistry differ. The results obtained by astrology of Indian and Americal variants of  astrology and palmistry will differ. So, if we employ the different techniques of foretelling, we shall get very different results. Let us compare with mathematics. the different branches of mathematics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry will give uniform results. There is no such thing as Indian mathematics, American mathematics etc. Science is same. The false sciences like astrology differ from place to place.

Role of Media

Various TV channels indulge in forecasts by astrologers day and night without any sense of responsibility to the nation. They are doing great disservice to the nation. The censor should be strict about such telecasts. These are much more harmful than vulgar and obscene material. Future of a nation depends on citizens. To build a strong and great nation, we must reorient our education policy so that our people act rationally and do not depend on pseudo sciences of foretelling.


It is necessary to encourage rational and scientific way of looking at things. We have a bleak future if our people depend more on stars than themselves. Man is the captain of his own destiny. Famous poet Iqbal wrote:
Raise your personality so high
Before writing your fate
God will ask
what you want

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