All you Need is a thought

To be what you want to be, be what you want to be, and to be what you want and be believe in what you want to be well, this thought completely memorised me into believing in a completely exciting world of believing strange and confusing but  ultimately a state of mind.

The first prefection for human being is good thought. Think for yourself and never through others. The power to thinkis mans precious right and the proudest privilage. Take time to choose, do not act in fear often and often. Power of thinking and believing will strengthen and achieve what you have as goal in your life.

Thought is sculpture that can create a person you want to be, what you are today is the result of what you have thoughts, of up to this moment as Celiene Dion very well says " When you wanted the most, there is no easy way art. When you ready to go and you are'nt let's you down don't give up on you, faith comes, to those who believe in it because that's the way it is." At this point of time, if we wish the warding would sing for themselves to show you how much they mean to me.

We worry at every step in life. Just worry about events, that don't happen. One biggest mistake is that we go on worrying while nothing can be achieved by worrying, we just torture ourselves. Instead we should sit down and think over the problem and try to find the solution there of because man is the best product of his thoughts, he becomes what he thinks.

By imagining, we can go any where, thinking makes us better persons to ourselves. If a person is good to oneself, he can be better to the world. Human behavior depends on his thinking nature, the who thinks more for a particular goal leads more.

'Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.'

Optimistic is a person who believes that all good things happen to him and the world is the best possible place to happen to him. This attitude is always to take on the brighter side of life. Being brave is to be prepared to face any challenge in life. His speech is clear and his heart is happy. Courage and courtesy are his auras in life. Pessimistic believes that the world is bad rather than good. A state of mind that thinks every thing worst. Every new morning is bad, fear suspension and confusion are his accomplices and he ends his life in utter failure. Optimistic person makes attempts and success will follow him at his doorsteps.

Even in the world of experts, the power of belief has done wonders. Andre Agassi, but the tennis legend hadn't won a grand slam for a long long time. In 1999 French open final, he sat down, seemed to be totally down and out. But he came back with winning the next three sets and won the title which ultimately started his career's on a flat second innings and was number one player in the tennis arena for quite a long time. Substantially, the score line remains the best comeback victory ever in the history of grand slam finals.


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