Every one learns something through his / her experiences. I too have learnt many things, the most important being the realization of the word "Control". Personally, i feel that if there is something called as a "perfect life" then it has to be based on the word "control". we have heard all about the importance of sacrifice, forgiveness etc but none of them came close to what 'control' can help achieve.

The importance of control has been seen through the ages but never realised. What if Ravana could control his anger and his want for revenge? What if Hitler could control his hunger for power? What if present day politicians could control their greed? There have been people who have understood the importance of control like Mahatma Gandhi could control his wrath on being thrown out of the train in South Africa and we know what he achieved after that.

Life itself exists because of the control of nature. We all know what would happen if we lose control over the nuclear fission / fusion reactions in the nuclear reactors. Most of the things, i have pointed out are known by everyone, but still not followed. It is now more than ever that we need to understand the importance of the word "control" since we seem to be losing control over ourselves, and everything around us.

Greed, hatred, anger are some of the many things that plague us. We need to have a control over them and most importantly, we need to have control over ourselves.

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