Potato is one of the most widely found tuber and it is liked by most of the people throughout the world. The potato plant, Solanum tuberosum as it is scientifically called, bears this starchy plant tuber. Potato has derived its name from spanish word "patata". It has its origin in Peru of South America. It is one of the various things brought by the Britishers to India. For the first time potato was cultivated in the 18th century by Major Young at Mussorie, Uttar Pradesh. Mussorie was then called as " Potatogarden".

                     Potato requires 60-75°F temperature. It is cultivated mainly in North India. States like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal etc. produces 70-80% of the total potato production in India. Products like Farina, Alcohol Dextrine are produced from potato. Farina is used in clothmill and is also used in preparing pudding and icecream. Nearly 90 litres of alchohol is produced from 1 ton of potato ahile the remaining refuse is used as cattle fodder. Potato contains 80% water, 2% protein and 18% starch.

                     In India, as compared to population, potato is cultivated in a limited amount. While the yearly production of potato in the world is 250-300 million tonnes i.e. double the production of wheat and triple the production of rice in the world.


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