• While making lemon rice, add little grated mango. The taste will be very nice and different.

  • Add 1 tsp rava sooji for 1 cup wheat flour while making pooris. Pooris will puff up like the ones in restaurants.

  • While preparing sour buttermilk kuzhambu ( More Kuzhambu in Tamil ) break 1 or 2 fried urad dhal pappad  and put into the kuzhambu in the final step.
    The taste andsmell of the kuzhambu will even attract your neighbours.

  • Keep Asafoetida gum ( Hard one and not the powder) in a box and put pumpkin skin over it. Asafoetida will become soft.

  • If you keep dry ginger for many days, it will be spoiled and become  a powder. If you keep it with cloves it will last for many days.

  • While making any type of spinach use coconut oil for frying mustard seeds and urad dhal. It will smell and taste good.

  • If you want the vadas to be crispy and sucks little oil, then don't soak dhal for more than 10 minutes.

  • If rice is left over after dinner, don't waste it .Keep the left over rice in refrigerator. The next day while cooking raw rice add the cooked rice kept in refrigerator to it
    and add  extra water for the left over rice. It will look like fresh cooked rice.

  • Cut bittergourd into two pieces and keep. It won't ripe for two days.

  • Don't heat directly the food kept in refrigerator. Take  a broad vessel with water and keep the vessel taken from refrigerator in it and then heat it. Food will look fresh.

  • While preparing halwa add 2 tsp cornflour to  it. It won't stick and will be easy to cut to pieces.

  • While making payasam add badam powder or bread powder to it when it is boiling. Then payasam will be thick and tasty.

  • Don't fry coriander or curry leaves as the nutrients will be lost. Use it freshly.

  • Don't reheat the cooked vegetables again.

  • Don't use masala items in your food daily.

  • Don't add lemon juice to food which is hot. If you add it like that, the taste will be bitter.

  • Don't use the same vessel used for cooking to serve. After cooking transfer it another vessel and then serve.

  • Keep the vessels used for milk and cur seperately. Don't use it for storing any other thing.

  • Don't eat food which are not easily digestible in rainy season.

  • Always wash the vessels before using it even if it cleaned already as some insects like lizard  or cockroach might have walked through the vessels in night.

  • Pregnant women and people who are weak can avoid standing while cooking.

  • While grating cocunut don't grate it till the end .

  • Don't use your hands while serving food. Always use spoons for serving.

  • After buying rava sooji store it in containers after frying it lightly to avoid worms coming to it.

  • Dry tamarind and red chillies in sun for one day for long lasting.

  • While storing oil don't pour it to the old container itself. Every time after oil is empty clean the container well and then store the oil to avoid smell in it.

  • If you put a piece of jaggery in the container used for storing ghee, the small of ghee will not reduce.

  • After grinding flour in  a mill , spread the flour in a paper and allow it to cool and then store it in the container.

  • Insects / worms  which is not visible to our eyes may be present in the vegetables. After cutting the vegetables soak in a vessel with water and tumeric for 5 minutes.
    If any insect is there, it will come out. Then you can wash the vegetables with water and cook it.

  • While buying rice in ration shops there is no guarantee that the quality will be good. So fry rice in an empty pan and soak it for some time and then cook it.Then
    the rice will be soft and tasty.

  • Don't keep the vegetables as such in refrigerator. Keep it in good quality plastic bags inside the refrigerator.

  • While cutting vegatables like plantain, brinjal etc keep it in water. Otherwise the colour will turn to black.

  • Vegetables like cauliflower, raddish and cabbage will give some smell while cooking. To avoid this add a little lemon juice to it.

  • If you find that sambar / rasam is little salty, put a piece of potato in it and boil. Potato will suck the excess salt.

  • While cooking dhals, put a small tsp of gingelly oil. Dhal will cook fast.

  • Par boiled rice is more tasty and nutrient than the raw rice. Also par boiled rice can be used for sugar patients.


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