All activities are time related

All human activities need deployment of resources like man power, materials, machinery etc. Any resource or activity not expressed in term of time is meaningless. Labour productivity is production per hour. The performance of machine is expressed as output per machine hour. Speed of a vehicle is Kilometer Hrs and so on. The government financial plans are annual/ five years plans. The business results are expressed for a period of one year. The tax liability is also on basis of year. Even the astrological predictions are based on horoscopes which are related to time and place.  Anything that is not related to time is devoid of all meaning.


Time is fixed

All resources have some flexibility. But there is one resource with each one of us, which is fixed and cannot be increased or decreased. This is time.


Equal availability of time

Each one of us has twenty four hours in a day. The poorest and the richest have equal quantum of time at their disposal. Thus time is the biggest limiting factor.  The need to properly plan and utilize time can hardly be over emphasized.  Apart from being fixed, time cannot be stored. A moment lost is lost for ever.


Prudent time usage – key to success

A successful individual is one who makes best use of his time. The best strategy is not to postpone things. An Educational Institute coined the slogan- A successful man does today what a not so successful does tomorrow. Sportsmen understand better the importance of early performance.  A race is won by one who reaches the target earliest..


Time management is universally applicable

Time management is necessary everywhere. A student, a housewife, professional, manufacturer and trader all have to manage not only their own time but also of associates and subordinates. An individual has to plan his time for rest, recreation, work and social affairs.


Quality is more important than quantity

One has to plan his time according to his level of efficiency. All are not equally fast.. So, it is very necessary to take in consideration the efficiency/ speed.  For outstanding success, one must try to increase skill and efficiency.  Nobody has more than twenty four hours in a day. So, the slower ones should reduce the quantum of work . Thus, if an Income Tax Advocate cannot handle more than five cases in a day, he should accordingly accept only five or less cases and delegate to others the remaining ones. Quality and not quantity determines success level. One who does less things better is more successful than one who does more things worse. Famous actor Dev Anand  had fixed a limit on assignments signed with film producers. He would sign limited number of films in order to give best performance. Thus despite working in fewer films, he proved his talent.


Need for coordination

It is necessary to coordinate with others for best utilization of all involved. Even at home,  parents have to see that the children get ready on time and perform their home work in scheduled time and also get time for play and fun. In Business and profession,  sequence of performance by different persons working as team needs to be properly planned and executed. Better communication and working from home will reduce the time lost in travel. Standardization of processes and work routines avoids loss of time for frequent consultations. It is better to spend some more time on planning than wasting time frequently while performing. It is more important to work continuously without wasting time than to speed up. Rash driving and hasty working are dangerous. Slow but steady wins the race. .





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