Every morning when I wake up I'm eager to know what's new in the news channels and what I find none other than controversies booming around a particular news channel. And I always come across the conclusion why can't  some of Indian people be a bit logical in making issues???

The famous  controversy I hated the most was about the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". Besides praising for the quality of the movie the people started to protest regarding "The movie describes the poor INDIA". I also came across a man carrying poster which  says " We are not Dog, we are the future of INDIA". If they are very sort of anger in them why can't they take actions to change things rather cursing the director for making the film. In INDIA community etc releases controversies starts booming.

The movie name "Billu Barber" name was changed to "Billu" just because the barber community was being hurt. There are many movies like Ghajini, Singh is King, Mangal Pandey, etc. ,which overcame the controversy issue. these are some of the names of movies highlighted above well most movies in the bollywood  has to overcome controversy issue. That's all about the Bollywood.

Coming to politics well in my opinion it's just a publicity drive for the political leaders. They take a particular issue and do violence on streets make the news paper headline and gain publicity these is common in cities like Mumbai. there speeches make good controversies, pulling the legs of other parties.Let's talk less about this issue or else it will be another controversy.

Well the Rich class of our soceity , The Business Man isn't behind in the race of controversy. Some of the famous controversies are Satyam saga, conflict between Ambani brothers, SEZ , etc.. Even some  of sports person makes good controversies.

I always had a question in my mind why people of India always make big issues of mere things???. In my opinion the media plays an important role in making big issues and many take advantage of publicity which they gain in return. Controversies  and major part of news channels.

In the conclusion I just want to say these controversies should be made in a bit small scale rather making big issues it creates a bitter image of India in front of the world.

--Atul Barapatre

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