Hi friends in this article let us discuss about very interesting news which I read and also felt that it would be great if I share the information, which I read, with you. Well you might have seen lot of funny incidents happening in day to day life and everybody will enjoy it. But the incident which I am going to discuss about is really interesting and it is also unique, which not only makes us laugh, rather it explains us that even in animals there is a value for love and it also explains that there are lot of things that we must learn from loving animals.

Here in this article, we will discuss about an incident that recently occurred in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. It is often said that monkey is one of the intelligent animal and human evolution took place form ape. It is also said that monkey is also capable of storing the information, that they required, like that of the places where they get fruits etc., and they will never forget it very soon. It is very common to hear the news that a wife complaining about her husband in police station, as he tortures and beat her and children. Can you believe that a similar thing happened in the case of monkey?

But don’t get over imaginative as I did, because it is practically impossible for a monkey to go alone to complain about her husband in police station. To be specific this incident occurred at Astarang Nagar, of Puri district. In this city, there were lot of monkeys present and they used to spend their time in a market area and as a matter of fact the people in this area also help these monkeys by giving them food. Out of all the monkeys present there, the people are very much fond of three monkeys, i.e. a monkey family, a father, mother and a child monkey.

People consider these monkeys as their pet animal and they also went to the extent of naming them. They named the father monkey as Raj and they called the mother monkey as Jukumari. The people were also very much fond of the child monkey, and they named it as Guna. Even these monkeys were also good at them and they used to behave well and accept the food given by them. But recently they discovered that the father monkey raj was vey greedy with his son and often used to beat Guna.

The mother monkey saved her child many times against her husband. So realizing the situation, the people in the market took a very interesting decision and some people consider this as funny, but others consider it as a creative step. The people wrote a complaint in a piece of paper and they also made sure that instead of signature, they used the impression of the tail of the mother monkey at the end of the complaint.

So after that they went to the local police station along with the monkey to file a complaint. Just imagine the situation what would have been the expression of the police officer sin that police station. They were taken by surprise and were shocked to see this type of complain. Police also ensured that the child monkey is safe from his father. It is a little bit strange decision,, but since it worked, we must appreciate the efforts taken by the local people and also the police officers.

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