One area of life where everybody has improved in their lives are that people have become lot more intelligent these days.  Earlier too people were intelligent but then those type of people belonged to educated category only.  These days even people without formal education have realized that education is not compulsory to plan their lives and even uneducated people  too have an ability to think and plan their lives provided they make an effort.

In most trains especially those trains which run through day time you find lot of vendors selling books.  These vendors are so intelligent that they keep plenty of books on the seats of trains and leave it and come after a good 30 minutes later to pick up the books.  The idea is very good because the vendor knows that the passenger would be looking at something to get through about 10 to 12 hours of boredom in the train and the very sight of book in front of him is tempting enough to glance through the book.  Another thing is the vendor ensures that the passenger is given sufficient time at his disposal so that he can browse through the contents of the book in the absence of the vendor.  The vendor knows the mentality of  the passenger  that the passenger is bound to feel guilty to read the book in vendors presence.  In many cases people do not have a look at books or magazines if they are not sure to buy it, because they feel guilty of giving the book shop owner false hopes and that is exactly what the passenger would feel in his mind if the vendor is present there.

One must really appreciate the thinking levels of these vendors.  Infact book vendors in trains back themselves to sell more books than established book shops as one is more likely to buy a book or a magazine in a train than in a book shop.

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