The Chinese Charade


Our relationship with China has been dominating the media of late. And the border dispute with China has been fairly old. Both these countries fought a war on this issue. At the heart of this problem lies the Chinese claim over certain parts of our territory especially Arunachal Pradesh.

Looking at the history of this problem and the activism displayed by the Chinese government there are enough reasons to feel agitated in this. Added to this issue is the Chinese hegemonic ambitions in South East Asia. It is well known that has drawn up a grandiose plan to emerge as a Super Power by 2025 and has been working at a furious pace to excute it.


In the light of what has been pointed out in the earlier para the question of India's preparation to meet the threat posed by China assumes added significance. The whole has acknowledged the economic accomplishment of both the countries and view both of these as emerging Super Powers. A finding which does not please China. It wants to be the sole Super Power in Asia and loathes the prospect sharing it with India and its polcy towards has to be viewed in this context.


According to the government's own intelligence reports China has been pursuing an well-orchestrated policy to encircle India and has been darkly trying to forge relationship with all the neghbouring with the sole motive to isolate India. Its bonhomie with Pakistan is too well know to be elaborated here. Its acitivities in Nepal and Bangladesh are a matter of grave concern to India. In fact, the activities of all the insurgent groups in North-East India have either over or covert blessing of Bejing.


It is quite obvious that China intends to keep India bogged down with security issues both internal and external so that our precious resources are diverted to defence and security needs and these are not made avilable for economic development of the country. India needs to take all these factors to foil the designs of China and what is absolutely required is a show of firmness in dealing it. We simply can not afford to repeat the mistakes committed in !962. In the Chinese perception we seem to be soft and porous nation. This perception needs to be changed . And the government's handling of Dalai Lama and the Prime Minister's touching upon human rights issue and its impatience with democratic ways during his visit to the USA are welcome changes in the attitude of our government. .

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