A stroy

Now I can leave this world.....


Once again a nice cool morning and Neel is ready to live another day. Neel was suffering from hepatic cancer. It  was diagnosed at a very late stage so the chances of recovery were not there practically. His condition was very painful still he had lot of will-power and wanted to live. He was trying to beat the death. He passed his day reading tha sacred "Geeta". He had lived his life fully and had no family responsiblities left  to complete. All his four children were well settled in their lives and respected him and loved him too much. His wife, Samta had died two years back in a car accident. He missed her too much during these days of illness.

Pain was becoming unbearable but still Neel was still praying to Almighty to give him atleast a month to live. Actually his grandson two years old Mitesh was coming with his daughter, Neeta from Toronto to meet him. He had never seen him before and it was his strong wish to meet and see the child. He had a big attack of extreme pain today morning and was so hospitalized. After two days, he was discharged from the hospital.

Living in all the pain and hassles, Neel was waiting for the day when youngest member of his family would be in his lap. It was difficult but still he could manage to live till that day. Ultimately his daughter arrived with Mitesh. Neel thanked almighty for  making him live through this period. Mitesh was now in Neel,s arms and he was now ready to go anytime. Now he didn't pray for any extension in life time.

He raised his hands and said,,, Almighty, now I am ready to leave this world.

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