I think there won't be any person in this world who never dreamed. some of the dreams scares us and by some of the dreams we laugh. Some may consider the dreams as useless. But these dreams tells the dreamer's psychology, mannerisms, hidden desires and fears. One Dr. Freud has observed that there is close relation between his patient's dreams and their abnormalities. Here are some dream interpretations:

Snake: to see a snake in dream snakes signifies the hidden fears and worries that are threatening. This dream may be alerting you of some thing that you are unaware of.

Frog: Frog signifies potential of change. To see frogs leaping in dream signifies that you are not committed to the work and always transform from one to other.

Horse: Horse signifies the strength, power, endurance. To see horse in dream signifies that you need to be less arrogant.

Insects: To see insects dream signifies of minor obstacles that you must overcome.

Fish: To see swimming fish signifies insights from your unconscious mind. It also symbolizes the conception.

Dog: To see a dog in dream signifies the loyalty, generosity, intuition and protection. The dream indicates the skill in you that you have ignored or forgot.

Cat: To see a cat in dream signifies the independent spirit, sexuality, creativity and power. It is also said to be a bad luck to see a cat in dream. It indicates that u are being deceived by somebody. 

Shoes: To see shoes in dream signifies that you are well grounded and you are down to earth person. If you dream of, your shoes were theft it signifies that you are feeling in secured.

Legs: If you dream of your legs, it signifies that you are confident to withstand yourself. if you dream of a wounded leg, it signifies lack of balance. If you dream of having more than two legs, it signifies that you are undertaking many responsibilities than you can.

Blanket: Blanket symbolizes the comfort, love, protection and warmth. It signifies that you might be seeking of someone's attention.

And just like this, every dream has its significance and it reflects the dreamer's mental state. Just try to connect your daily actions, mental states with the dreams and you'll come to know their significance.

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