I was walking to the vegetable market one evening, when I found a crowd of children staring at something. I turned and looked towards the direction they were staring at and no sooner I saw that 'something' my heart skipped a beat. I saw a tiny rat whose hind limbs were functionless, was struggling hard to cross the road. I being terrified of rats walked further down the road. The thoughts of the rat biting me, the fact that rabies is also spread by rats and mother's constant yelling of 'don't touch dirty animals' was running in my mind. Suddenly my heart said,” stop there! How can you allow that rat to die? Go help It, this Is your chance, go back and help It!” I had to but follow the words of my heart and by the time I reached the place where the rat was crossing, a scooter was about to run over It. I sprang into action and saved the rat in nick of time. I placed It gently among some grass and stroked It .I could feel the pulsations of its heartbeat and some kind of fear in It's eyes. Feeling relieved that I helped a disabled animal; I went on to buy the vegetables. While returning, I heard those children pointing towards a crow and shouting, "didi didi, that crow killed the rat! That crow killed the rat!” I felt shattered, helpless and broken hearted. When I narrated this Incidence to my close friend, she told me that I had shown courage at an unwanted creature and did my best to save it. It then occurred to me that in this deceptive world of corruption where people are bothered about their own comforts and luxuries, are not willing to help the disabled and unwanted people. More than money, I realised, these unwanted people needed our love and affection.

                             Once on my way to school, a few years back, I saw a lean, frail and hungry dog sniffing frantically for food. I had only four rupees to buy a new refill for my pen and my heart said,” buy some food for the dog. It needs food more than you need refil".I brought some biscuits and gave to that wagging dog. And from that day till about two weeks, I always found the dog waiting outside the school gate and wagging its tail whenever It saw me. I don't know what kind of mysterious circumstances made it to leave that place.

                             By helping these animals in need, my Idol of selfishness broke with the help of selfless love. I also realised that helping should come from the heart and not by force. Hope you also help others with love and affection and see the transformation of yourself into a new unselfish human.

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