Do you think Rahul Gandh is best choice for Indian PM.

Who should be next prime minister of India.

I filter 5 person

Sonia Gandhi

Manmohan Singh

Rahul Gandhi

Menka Gandhi

Rahul Mahajan

As per my point of view Manamohan singh is best among them but if i see for future of India then we should go for young person like Rahul mahajan and Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Majan is new in politics so we should wait for next 5 years to mature them.

Rahul Gandhi may get chance in the race of Prime minister because he get lot of experience from his work.

If i go to Menka Gandhi She is very nice lady but as a best politician she failed to show him as a big minister.

So left are Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, currently Shri Manmohan Singh is doing his PM job well and lots of public hope is there with him so public likes Manmohan singh day by day second preference goes to Sonia Gandhi but she is not interested in PM post so its very difficult question that who will be next PM after manamohan singh.

As per my point of view 90% chance goest to Rahul Gandhi and 5% to Menka Gandhi and 2% to Rahul Mahajan and rest 3% goes to Sonia Gandhi but all percentage is after Manmohan Singh.

So let us see who will be our next PM.


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