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Black tea...


Black tea was her favourite drink in the evening. She enjoyed every sip of her cup. After an exhaustive routine when Kaveri was back home, she used to have a cup of black tea, even in summers she couldn’t resist herself from the sips of black tea. Kaveri told me that she felt a kind of refreshing energy whenever she sipped it.


Kaveri was my best friend during our college time. We had shared so many golden moments in each other’s company. Times passed and I became a lawyer while Kaveri went in journalism. These days she was working with a leading national news channel. As we were living in the same city, we often used to meet each other and were informed of each other’s welfare.

I got married after joining the job while Kaveri was still unmarried as she hadn’t been able to meet her Mr. right till today. Now we both were forty years old, me the mother of a ten years old boy and Kaveri still an unmarried girl. Kaveri was quite bold and faithful to her profession.


One day I had a phone call from Kaveri early in the morning it was about 6:00 am. She seemed to be speaking in trembling voice. She told me that an influential person in the town had murdered his own wife, and was instructing me to type and forward the news to news channels in case she didn’t survive. She also told me that she is badly injured by the firing that was done by two unknown people while she was way back to her home.


I tried to ask her where she is but by then no response could be heard. I at once ran to Kaveri’s house and found that my dear friend was no more. Her parents were crying over her dead body and didn’t know how it all happened?


I lost my friend, Kaveri who was really bold and honest. But I feel ashamed of myself that till today that I couldn’t gather enough courage to make the news and name of that influential person public who had murdered my dear friend. Investigations are on and I have given the statement to police that she phoned me and said somebody had fired bullets on her. Rest of the story is still resting inside my heart.

Today I was sipping black tea and missing Kaveri.


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