How to kill pig to eat his meat.

I have seen to killing pig in city where I study my graduation and matriculation. When I saw how they kill pig I heartily crying to see it

They kill pig following way.

1. He use sharp knifes to kill pig.

2. Firstly they arrest pig by some thing.

3. They take pig’s hair by hand not used any type of blade or knifes to remove hair.

4. After hair removing process they put long knifes to his chest

5. Pig cry at least 5 to 7 minutes even if pig not die then they removes knifes from chest and again put knifes to his chest.

6. This process they do 2 to 3 times to kill them.

7. When pig kill then they put them to fire till 15 minutes.

8. Then they Cut his stomach

9. They go to market for sell.

10. Non vegetarian buy it and serve in evening.

11.They kill 1 pig daily from single same way you think how many pig killed daily. This is too much. Woke up India Woke up.



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